Three things I noticed last night at Knicks Cavs

My life is dope and I do dope things. One of those things was get to go to Cavs Knicks and sit in a luxury box last night. Aside from crushing three plates of (gluten free?) mac and cheese, one plate of sushi and 3-12 Stellas, I was psyched to see the unicorn in action against the best player in the world. Here's what I noticed:

1) The Cavs stink and Lebron is still the King. They are really, really bad. It reminds me of when I overrated myself in a pickup game, put all the scrubs on my team and then have to carry the load on offense and defense. Lebron got absolutely no help from any of his teammates for three quarters and had to make every decision. Again and again, Lebron made miracles happen and got a teammate an open shot. On the one time the Knicks didn't show hard enough on a pick and roll, Lebron powered in for a thunder dunk. Other times he prodded the defense with his passing setting up easy shots for his teammates. Besides bron bron though, there wasn't a lot to look at. Dwyane Wade looked old and cranky as he picked up a technical after executing the slowest spin move in history. I honestly don't recall JR Smith Playing. Crowder looked clunky. Jeff Green still thinks he can shoot threes for some reason.  Kevin Love was invisible.  

2) Kyle Korver's pre-game shooting routine. I showed up extremely early to watch Korver warm up, it had nothing to do with the free beers.  What I noticed is he catches the ball very high for a shooter and his shot is more lever than it is smooth. He once said he has a 26-point checklist for his shot and after watching him warm up, I believe it. In the fourth he hit several big shots during the comeback while I was working on my own 26 point checklist, each one being a different beer. 




3) Frank is not afraid!!!! During the first half Frank Ntilikina (I just spelled that without looking it up!!) tried to get the ball and inbound it and Lebron tried to bully him.  Don't pick on our little Frank! He's 19 and he's so nice and cute! There was a brief moment where Frank was thinking if it was worth mixing it up with the NBA's biggest star, but then he gave Lebron a little shove. I loved it. So did the MSG fans. Kanter, playing enforcer came in and mixed it up with Lebron and the crowd was the loudest I've heard in the garden in the past five years. The reason was simple. For the first time in a while a Knick was not backing down, and another Knick genuinely cared about his teammate.